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Someone asked me what I looked like, here ya go.

Camera shy


im a princess but like a moss princess


Naked in nature

How was the first time you dropped acid? How did it feel? How were the visuals?


The first time I dropped acid I didn’t experience many visuals, although it was 1 hit. I saw things in a different perspective. The most intense trip I had was 3 hits…. I saw flowers in the sky and the landscaping around me was moving. My friends and I could not stop laughing no matter how hard we tried; and we couldn’t look into each other’s eyes. It was too intense. It was a while ago I don’t remember all the details, but I do remember the come-down was awful. I’m not a fan of acid and I haven’t tripped since. I’ve been told by many that shrooms are a better experience but I have yet to try them!


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